Questions about Medical School Clinical Rotation.?

Hello! I’m currently a 9th grader and wanting to join the Medical Field to become a Anesthesiology or a Family Physician. I know that the first 2 years you’ll be taking notes, but for the 3rd and 4th year you’ll be doing clinical Rotations. I have a few question on it. (I’m thinking about applying to the 7 Year Honors program for either UF,UM, or FSU.)

1.) Do you choose your own schedule for rotations?

2.) Are you allowed to go out of state for say New York to do rotations. (Just to test things out.)

3.) How far away are the rotations? Is it required to have a car?

4.) What do you do for electives?

Thanks if you answered! Just a Asian kid thinking about questions. I’m the future planning type.

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    1). There are core rotations that need to be performed, such as surgery, family medicine, internal medicine, OB/GYN, ect. and then you are allotted a few "elective" rotations that can be in whatever specialty you like. Most often the rotation order is uncontrollable and different for everyone at your school, as it would be next to impossible to have an entire medical class rotating in the same departments at the same time.

    2) You are often alloted away rotations (2 or 3 depending on the school) that can be set up at whatever medical institution will take you in the United states. So yes.

    3) This depends on the school you go to. An inner city school will likely have all your rotations in a walkable distance, if not in the same hospital. If you go to a school at a more rural institution, then a car is likely going to be required to get to-and-from the hospital, and often the family practice rotations may be at external clinics. So,, it depends on the school.

    5) Electives are best strategically picked to both A) explore fields you may like, and B) demonstrate you have experience and knowledge about the field you plan to apply to for residency (because residency is competitive as all-get-out depending on your designated field). Your performance reviews for each rotation and elective rotations are considered as very highly important for residency applications. If you are incompetent, lazy, or annoying to work with it will be a MAJOR negative on your application (yes its documented during your rotations).

    My best advise to you is to AVOID "Student Doctor Network". Its TOXIC AF, and people lie and make you feel terrible about your life.

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