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Can't get therapy for a while, what should I do to help in the meantime?

I am 17 and cannot get therapy for myself, as I do not have a stable income, nor do I have my driver's license or own a car. I desperately need mental help, as I suffer from multiple mental illnesses and cannot rely on medication alone. I have informed my father of this, and he says he is "working on it", that he is attempting to acquire medical insurance for the both of us, and that getting medical records for insurance will "take some time" (however long that is). I have not received therapy for months, and its really taken a toll on my mental health. How can I hold myself over until I can get the proper help that I need?

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    Contact your prescribing doctor and let them know your situation. They should be able to refer you to places that offer free or low cost therapy. You could also contact the last therapist you saw and they should be able to provide the same information. You could contact your local health department and go over your situation. They should be able to assist you. You could contact Social Services and ask to speak to a social worker. Go over your situation and ask if they have any programs you could qualify for.

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    There are some apps in the App Store, assuming you have a smart phone. That help with mental health. Also maybe try to get into meditation (although boring and hard for some, it does indeed help) also breathing techniques are great if you have repeated thoughts/anxiety!

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    You should contact your therapist about this. Your therapist may take you on a reduced fee.

    Or, he or she can refer you to your local outpatient Mental Health Clinic which is run by your local Board of Health and there are public busses that run there.

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    You be screwed bc you be American.

    Sorry we suck so much!

    Our diet KILLS and our healthcare system KILLS.

    We're like a 3rd world country.

    Think about this when you vote.

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