What is wrong with my water heater?

In my home, I only have 10~ minutes of hot water when showering. The weird thing is, once the water starts to cool down, if I turn the knob so that it's almost turned off, it starts giving may 2-3 minutes of really hot water then cools down. Sometimes I'm able to do this twice before I run out of hot water.

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    7 months ago
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    10 minutes of showering? I am in and done hair shampoo and conditioner and washed my body down to in between every crack and pit & my toes and rinsed and out in 3. (I got a bathroom clock so I know how long it takes.) 4 is a long shower and 5 is excessively long shower. What are you doing for the other 5 minutes?

    Something else is weird.

    Just an observation....


    Has any other plumbing been done anywhere in the house? They might have fuckled up there.

    The hot water line is only hot water. It is never "T"'d into the cold water line EVER. i have seen that happen by additions being added onto a house and that is where the FLUCK UP occurs. It did not happen immediately but like a week later it was noticeable that the hot water was not as hot anymore, anywhere.

    . It is something you can EYEBALL CHECK YOURSELF. Follow the hotwater lines. They must stay hot water all the way to the faucets. Never does a "U" connection happen where hot and cold join up.

    While it seems not directly connected to your shower situation, IT IS.

    I found the error connection 5000 feet from the kitchen sink(so through 2 "add on kitchettes and 1 additional bathroom" from the 2 already in the house...and the infloor heating system. There was also an outside wash tub on the porch(which had hot and cold water tap that were later taken out and stuffed in the wall and boarded up) They also removed the faucets and used a U joint to join hot and cold together there and closed the wall up)as finished.

    Had they left the faucets on,or capped the pipes separately, there would not have been an issue of very little hot water and the rest is luke warm.

    It was WEIRD.


    Look at the latest plumbing work done. For anything. I have had a situation where the water softener was removed and the plumbing was done wrong so the outside lawn watering bibs and the toilets were using hot water and the kitchen had no hot water. It was plumbed WRONG by one connection.

    Take it from there. I am just a handyman, but I found & fixed the "plumbers" mistakes.

    I can only explain what I have run into.

  • 2 weeks ago

    There is something wrong with that - you might want to check in with the professionals. The best guess is that some of your shower's internal components broke or became worn. But even the process of installation of a water heater matters a lot - if there is nothing wrong with your shower, check in with the providers. 

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    7 months ago

    you may have sediment build up , especially if it is well water . . hook a garden hose to the valve on the bottom an open it up . if a bunch of mud comes out it might fix the problem . if not , it is one of the causes in the other answers .

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    7 months ago

    Bottom heating element has likely failed.

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  • 7 months ago

    If adjusting the knob in the shower makes a difference, START be checking the mixing valve in the shower. If the issue was actually the water heater, NOTHING you do at the shower should make a difference.

    The prior answers BLINDLY accepted the premise that the water heater is the problem.

  • 7 months ago

    another possibility is that the "dip tube" inside the tank has failed, allowing cold water to mix directly in with the hot. turning the hot almost to zero, waiting ten, and then back on lets the heating elements [or gas] catch up a bit.

    i'd guess the thermostatically controlled tap [if you have one] first, though

  • 7 months ago

    sounds like you have a thermostatically controlled tap . In that case it is faulty and the cartridge needs replacing,

  • 7 months ago

    IF your water heater is electric, it is possible that perhaps one of the two elements in it has burned out and needs replacing.

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