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I wan t to go to University in Korea, but on a special visa?

Okay, so I am currently in year 1 of high school (In Norway). I recently visited South Korea and it was beautiful. While I was there, I figured out that since my mother is Korean-Norwegian adopted and since I m her daughter I have the opportunity to get some sort of special visa when I want to. That visa will allow me to study, work and live in Korea, but I can t vote and some other thing I don t remember. I was thinking of going to University there in 3 years (and we ll see where I go from there).

now, with that information, my question/s are: How do I apply? Do I have to learn Korean, or is it international? Do I live in a dorm or do I have to get an apartment? Does anyone else have experience with this visa, if so do you have something to add onto? Do I just, like, show up in Korea all like, hello, wazzup, gonna stay here for 3 years. I ,m so curious! What do I do, what happens, when, where??? I m not sure what I want to study btw. Maybe arts or language?

All the information I found of going to university in Korea was based upon some government stuff? If I go to an international Korean school, what s the difference between that and a Normal one (except English speaking everything)

(If I have to learn the language, I ll try. I have 3 years to learn the basics, I guess)

Please help??

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    You qualify for an F-4 visa which would allow you to remain in Korea for up to 2 years, but it can be renewed when the time comes. The application process for Korean universities is fairly straightforward, but you might have an easier time if you get your visa processed before you begin to apply to different schools. Foreign students need to submit financial documents showing that they have the monetary assets to be able to provide for themselves in Korea, but overseas Koreans don't. All schools have dormitory accommodation, but on an F-4 you'd be eligible to procure your own housing, though the Korean jeonse and weolse rental system differs from those in Western countries. There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of selecting a major, and yes, some disciplines are taught in English. If you're serious about coming here, you ought to begin studying Korean now as it takes a great deal of time to become conversational, but survival Korean can be picked up more easily.

    You ought to be aware that a diploma from a Korean university would likely be worthless if you were to return to Norway after you graduate. Korean universities are not accredited in most Western countries, so you might think about that before committing to a 4 year program, though if you wanted to work in Korea once you complete your studies, your degree would obviously be recognised there, but there are few employment opportunities available for people with a Norwegian passport and minimal Korean proficiency.

    Source(s): You ought to speak to the Korean consulate in Norway to confirm this information and to find out what documents you will need to submit for your visa.
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  • 8 months ago

    Ask the Korean embassy over there.

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  • 9 months ago

    You apply by heading over to the government website of the country you want to visit/study-in/work-in/live-in or by visting that countries embassy (check if Norway has a South Korean embassy or check which country near you has one). I suggest learning Korean knowing another language especially since you want to go there for 3 years is the best thing for you don't always expect people to learn and speak your language (I suggest using an app called Duolingo).

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  • 9 months ago

    How do I apply? to the Government of Korea Immigration department.

    Do I have to learn Korean? NO Of course not the University courses are taught in French and Swahili most shop keepers are fluent in Urdu and the bus drivers are known to be fluent in Italian.

    Suggest it would be a good idea that at the University level if you want a good education you have very good command of Korean in particular the vocabulary of your particular academic area.

    All the information I found of going to university in Korea was based upon some government stuff?

    Yep them government folks make the rules.

    I have 3 years to learn the basics, I guess.

    So if you went to your doctor in Norway you would be thrilled if they talked to you with the vocabulary of a child? Your high school teacher taught the class like everyone was in grade one or two and needed simple words.

    You really have a lot to learn on the process. TOO MUCH to explain here.

    Maybe you are Korean doubtful.




    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us. (kornor@mofa.go.kr)

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    • Emma9 months agoReport

      You could've just called me stupid. It would leave the same effect you portrayed here.

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  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    i would talk to irnrnigration or your school about it

    • Emma9 months agoReport

      Ye, that's smart. ^^

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