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10 points right away, please help me understand this sentence?

What does the following sentence mean to you?

"She resumed her previous position, her chest against his arm, her head on his shoulder, a dreamy expression in her eyes, as though anticipating something that was to be storm or no storm.''

What does all that mean to you? What does it mean 'as though' ?

Okay well there's not much context to be provided, but according to this specific scenario in the book which I'm reading there's a man and a woman on a boat ride. The woman is trying to flirt with the man. They've know each other for like only a couple of hours. The man randomly picks her up off the side of the road. She was hitchhiking. The man asks if she's willing to come along with him back to his boat to which she agrees. This man is quite shy but she is not. She really wants to get in his pants. So while they were cruising around the the sea, a thunderstorm is starting to happen. (At this point that sentence pops up)

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago
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    It simply describes how she is sitting - fairly relaxed. The writer is making assumptions about why she is looking the way she is. 'As though' is a suggestion of what might be the cause, but they cannot be certain of her thoughts.

    Consider this : "Sir Leicester, left alone, remains in the same attitude, as though he were still listening and his attention were still occupied." Dickens suggests why Sir Leicester Dedlock is sitting as he is, but the implication is that something else is happening (as indeed it is: he is having a stroke).

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    If the meaning really isn't clear to you, you can replace "as though she was anticipating" with "in a manner that suggested that she was anticipating" and you can put a comma after "be" and you can find something intelligent to read.

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