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Do any scientists accept creation?


No relevant expertise? Here come the qualifications. I'm not talking about dentists and pharmacists. Microbiologists, biologists, physicists, geneticists, paleontologists. These are scientists. Or can we dismiss those too.

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    ^ Some theistic evolutionist believers and those that believed in God's account of creation

    A small sampling from different fields:

    Andrew A Snelling - Geologist

    Georgia Purdom - molecular geneticist

    Terry Mortenson - historian of geology

    Tommy Mitchell - medical doctor

    David Menton - Biologist, anatomist

    Nathaniel T. Jeanson - research biologist

    Danny R. Faulkner - astronomer

    Neil Armitage - engineering

    Eduardo Arroyo - forensics

    Eugene C Ashby - chemistry

    Thomas Barnes - physics

    Timothy C Coppess - environmental science

    David Down - anthropology

    Alan Galbraith - Hydrology

    Maciej Giertych - population geneticist

    Steven Gollmer - atmospheric sciences

    Robin Greer - biochemist

    Edmond W Holroyd III - astrophysics, earth science

    John Kruger - zoology

    Myung Sang Kwon - immunology

    Margaret Helder - Botanist

    Neil Huber - physical anthropologist

    David King - astronomy

    Peter Line - neuroscience

    Jason Lisle - astrophysicist

    Alexander V Lalomov - geochemistry

    Heinz Lycklama - nuclear physics

    Lane P Lester - ecology

    Ian Macreadie - molecular biology

    Ralph Matthews - radiation chemistry

    John McEwan - organic chemistry

    Victor Meyer - entomology

    Terry L Phipps - environmental biology

    Craig Russell - soil science

    Jon Sanford - plant science

    Ron Samec - astronomy

    Horace D Skipper - soil microbiology


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    y not

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    The truth is there is a creator behind life. Whether the creator is an eternal universe out there in the multiverses, aliens, some kind of unknown material that can spontaneously cause things to pop into existence, or an intelligent creator /God who purposefully created life that has a mind etc. So the exact same reason why atheists would have for not believing in God ( which most would say is because they don't know enough about the origin of life yet and someday will find out eventually, can also agree their not knowing can also be a reason for why they shouldn't deny the possibility of a God)

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    None that can actually spell "scientist".

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    Only those with the god delusion.

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    Einstein and Newton both recognized intelligent design in nature and the ones who are smart will say they are agnostic if they doubt. My brother of same sign I am smart as Einstein and did not talk much until he was three and that is because I talked for him so much he did not have to talk too much when we were growing up together and deep thinker.

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    Yes they do, there are Christian scientists that do and other scientists that do accept it. For sure look it up

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    The title scientist is broad, any biologist will most likely not be a creationist. But a electrical engineer could be considered a scientist and with no formal training in the area of biology will claim to be a creationist.

    That is a common deception used by creationists, they list "scientists" that have no relevant expertise and claim they reject evolution. They will even list a dentist, a chemist and a pharmacist and claim SEE SCIENTISTS REJECT EVOLUTION!

    It is an appeal to authority falacy, appeals to those qualified in the field is not a fallacy but when a person points to someone totally unqualified and claim their status as "scientist" should make them an authority, they are being deceptive.

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    Very few, and they're not generally looked at very favorably by other scientists.

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    Not if they're worthy of the name.

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