Comics and Animation: Better Team of Marvel Super Heroes: The Avengers or X-Men?

IYO, Which Team Do You Think is Better and Why?

Round One: Better Founding Members (The Avengers or X-Men?)

Round Two: Better Additional Members (The Avengers or X-Men?)

Round Three: Better Spin-Offs (The Avengers or X-Men?)

Round Four: Better Villains (The Avengers or X-Men?)

Round Five: Better Team Chemistry (The Avengers or X-Men?)

Round Six: Better TV Shows/Films (The Avengers or X-Men?)

Round Seven: Better Storylines (The Avengers or X-Men?)

Final Round: Better Team in Overall (The Avengers or X-Men?)

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  • Zeke
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    10 months ago
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    Round One: X-Men, without competition.

    Round Two: Also X-Men. There's so many different versions and I love them all.

    Round Three: X-Men, because of the X-Force.

    Round Four: X-Men. I know I'm alone on this, but Magneto is my second favorite villain in comic history, after The Joker. The Avengers obviously have more villains, but Magneto is cooler than all of them combined in my opinion.

    Round Five: X-Men. Like Mr said, they're a family. They've all gone through a lot of pain, and even if their stories are different, it's cool to see them help each other heal.

    Round Six:This is the hardest one, because The X-Men have more movies, and most of them are perfect to me. The Avengers only have four movies, but after Endgame, I think I can safely say they've reached legend status. Those four movies are our generation's original Star Wars movies. I'm going with Avengers, but by a hair.

    Round Seven: Avengers. I think they have more storylines, which gives them an advantage. I'd actually love to see Kang The Conqueror and Galactus as the villains for the next Phase in the MCU.

    Final Round: X-Men. Doesn't surprise me, Wolverine's my favorite Marvel hero, and they were my introduction to Marvel.

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  • 10 months ago


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  • 10 months ago

    Round 1: X-Men (I really don't think the founding lineup for The Avengers is very good, it didn't even include Captain America)

    Round 2: Avengers (I love how well the team has grown over the decades)

    Round 3: X-Men (Most Avengers spinoffs are kind of dumb, if I'm being perfectly honest)

    Round 4: Avengers (Yes the X-Men have plenty of good ones like Magneto and Dark Phoenix, but The Avengers have so, so many great villains like Thanos, Loki, Red Skull

    Round 5: X-Men (They're pretty much a family, The Avengers are at best a group of friends)

    Round 6: Avengers (although they haven't yet had a movie as good as Logan, I will admit that; but overall, Avengers takes this category)

    Round 7: Avengers

    Final Round: Avengers

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