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Do I have to respond to school administrators?

I live in IL and the school administration is trying to pin something on me that I haven't even done and they are saying that I am harassing someone. I have not had any communications with this person and yet they're still coming after me. If they schedule another meeting with me, do I have to respond to anything that they ask me? My mother said that she is about to call the school because I am being harassed by the administration but I don't want there to be unnecessary disciplinary charges for that.

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    In IL it is best you get an attorney, since truth will have little to do with a school or school board decision.

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    If you're innocent, then you won't mind attending another meeting if the administration wants you to, will you? Just show up and answer the questions truthfully. Bring your mommy for support if you feel it necessary.

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    No, you do not have to respond. It's just that simple.

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    Well I guess the administration has the whip hand, and if you didn't cooperate you'd just be expelled. Why wouldn't you attend meetings as requested and ask them kindly to provide proof that you did what they say you did? Sticking your head in the sand is never a great idea.

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    If you do not show they will take actions without your input. So, go ahead and skip the meeting. It will be worse for you. But, the school will teach you something.

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    Tell them you didn't do it, and ask them to provide you with proof that you did. If they can't produce it, then tell them to leave you alone. It's not rocket science.

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