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Was "Les Miserables" before the French revolution, or after?

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    Les Miserables takes place after the French Revolution. If you read the book the timeline is very clearly detailed. Most of the events in the story occur between 1815 and 1832. Jean Valjean is released from prison in 1815 shortly after the abdication of Napoleon; and the climactic battle at the barricade scene occurs during the 1832 June Rebellion.

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    Summing up: That novel covers a period from just before the usual notion of the "French Revolution" to quite a while after. The "revolution" of 1830 is not the event usually called the "French Revolution".

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    before and during the revolution of 1830

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    ever so slightly before

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    After. The French revolution too place from 1788-1799. Les Miserables starts in 1815

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    It was during one of them right?

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