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What MBTI does each of my lovely friend sound like (10 points )?


1 Female ENFP or ESFP or ENFJ or ESFJ

She is extrovert , kind hearted,forgiving,playful,romantic,humble,caring

self sacrficing and give unconditional love and doesn''t need anything in return

She is understanding,empathetic, romantic , she is outgoing, cheerfull,friendly

She is soft spoken

She hate people who throw wet blanket on her (speaking )

Update 2:

2 Female INFP or INFJ or ISFP or ISFJ

She is shy girl soft spoken voice ,introvert like matirial arts,dancing ,singing she just did this for fun

She is clumsy and nonsencial

She love black and white easy to match

In the past she is people pleaser but now she don't care what other think if like just do it & willing to give hug if you ask & animal lover,atheist ,girl nextdoor

Her hate fake people

If someone do what she doesn't like she'll be like what

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    1 year ago
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