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Why should a guy fall for me?

There's this foreign guy who has a crush on me. He's about 25/30 and is cute, blond and green eyed with the sweetest awestruck smile and shiny eyes one can ever have. A friend of me told me he fell since the first time and has asked with I cant speak russian (I work with Russians but I am from another country) and tried to talk to me in russian but failed cause I don't understand it. It was really fun. A girl told me he considers me marriage material and that I look really sweet. When I was at school everyone hated me and told me I was ugly, mean, a witch.... and now he says those cute things about me. I was wondering: are russian guys different than western ones? Why did he fall for a girl like me, so shy who has always her guard up and he said that I was sweet and cute to that friend?

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    We don't know him or you and i agree with Lili be careful to make sure he's not trying to use you to get citizenship it wouldn't be surprising sometimes people will use others for their own benefit regardless of their looks or their feelings about it. You need more self esteem though because you sound naive and you sound like you're not very confident in yourself and it's concerning because girls like that are considered easy targets they are the first ones to accept far less than they deserve and to put up with things that they don't have to because they think no one else will be nice to them or treat them any better than what they are being given. But just be careful.

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    We don't know this guy; we can't read his mind. We also don't know YOU.

    How could we possibly answer this question?

    Why do people ask questions like this?

    However, be careful that he's not just trying to get US (or other) citizenship by marrying an American, or whatever you are. Russians have been known to do that in substantial numbers. It's mostly women, but some men, too.

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