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MCU just bought X-Men back from Fox, but 2 movies are already scheduled, Dark Phoenix and New Mutants. Will they even be important?

MCU is reportedly going to reboot the X-Men after these movies, so does that mean they don t matter because everything is going to start over? Isn t that a waste? Can they be relevant somehow? I m happy that MCU is starting them over, but why can t they just cancel the two movies and hand everything to Marvel, instead of wasting millions of dollars on two movies that nobody will care about because their not in the timeline?

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    i understand where you are coming from and i feel the same way. i feel that its going to be a waste of talent as well (not just one) because McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence and many more good talents in there. And I agree with you with the wasting money as well but unfortunately my Friend, they dont look at it that way. They believed that there are still Fox/Marvel = X-Men and Deadpool Fans out there that are willing to take the money.

    I just hope that they do start over and for pete's sake include wolverine and some cool x-men characters with the avengers.

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    They won't be connected to the MCU even though there were re-shoots. I guess we shall see

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    Mainly because the films collectively cost over $150 million to produce, and it would be a waste to shelve the two films.

    It is better to release them in theaters (or on Disney+) and earn some money in the box office.

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