At each corner of a square of side there are point charges of magnitude Q, 2Q, 3Q, and 4Q (Figure 1).?

Determine the Magnitude of the force on the charge 2Q?

Determine the Direction of the force on the charge 2Q?

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  • 8 months ago
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    From Q, the force = k* Q*2Q/L² at 0°

    From 4Q, the force = k*4Q*2Q/2L² at 45°

    From 3Q, the force = k*3Q*2Q/L² at 90°

    Sum the horizontal components:

    (k*Q²/L²)(2*cos0+4*cos45+6*cos90) = 4.34e10*Q²/L²

    Sum the vertical components:

    (k*Q²/L²)(2*sin0+4*sin45+6*sin90) = 7.93e10*Q²/L²

    √(4.34²+7.93²) *1e10 *Q²/L² = 9e10 *Q²/L² at arctan(7.93/4.34) = 61.3°

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