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Which is the most dangerous country for women (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, or United Arab Emirates)?

These are some tips for women traveling to Dubai, for instance:

Wear a wedding ring – it will make you appear less ‘available’ (but be ready for awkward questions about abandoning your home and kids).

If you’re unmarried but travelling in male company, say that you’re married rather than girlfriend/boyfriend.

Avoid direct eye contact with men (dark sunglasses help).

Don’t sit in the front seat of taxis unless the driver is a woman.

On public transport, sit in the women’s section towards the front.

If you need help for any reason (directions etc), ask a woman first.

If dining alone, ask to be seated in the ‘family’ section of local eateries.

If someone follows you in his car, take a picture of his licence plate or just get your mobile phone out.

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  • 8 months ago

    Here in Europe woman and girls in Germany have now been ordered to not wear Western clothing or look cheerful in public

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  • Mintee
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    10 months ago

    ive lived in Saudi many many years.. It is far more safer than living in places like Chicago, N.York City, Los Angelos, etc....

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago


    Saudi Arabia




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  • 10 months ago

    All we know is what we have been told. We have been told that women cover up in these countries, then we go an assume that they dont want to cover up at all and they are all being held hostage. Let me tell you something, this is their culture for millions of years, it's not until outside sources come out and tell their women that they shouldn't cover up because we don't and then use that as an example that their women are controlled and have it bad, how sick is that!?. Covering up is their norm, they don't see anything negative about it

    Besides men in major Muslims countries aren't all free and just walking around while women "suffer".They have lots of rules too, they can't drink,have sex unless married,they can't wear clothes that can ride up and expose there body ,back, legs etc.Cant listen to music besides Nasheed music, watch movies we watch here.They don't want their people polluted.

    Dude they have a different culture,we can't go around saying everybody else lives wrong

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    • Kowabunga
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      10 months agoReport

      Nobody criticizes women in America who cover up. We all know damn well if someone crtitcized a women in America for cover up in a non Muslim way, we would say "she can do and dress how she wants"

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  • 10 months ago

    What are you afraid of? Try to read The Garden of Allah by Robert Hichens. The main character (young woman) is not threatened by anythihg.

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