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These are swamp creatures?

Barbara Ledeen and Peter Smith were among the people contacted by Flynn. Ledeen, a

long-time Senate staffer who had previously sought the Clinton emails, provided updates to Flynn

about her efforts throughout the summer of 2016.266 Smith, an investment advisor who was active

in Republican politics, also attempted to locate and obtain the deleted Clinton emails.267

Ledeen began her efforts to obtain the Clinton emails before Flynn's request, as early as

December 2015.268 On December 3, 2015, she emailed Smith a proposal to obtain the emails,

stating, "Here is the proposal I briefly mentioned to you. The person I described to you would be

happy to talk with you either in person or over the phone. The person can get the emails which 1.

Were classified and 2. Were purloined by our enemies. That would demonstrate what needs to be


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    On this matter, it would be best to consult the works of Dr. Alec Holland.

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