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Are there a lot of romance scammers hanging out on TikTok?

I seem to get a lot of women on this app that want to talk to me. The thing is that I am over 55, unemployed and have no money. And even after I tell them now, they still want to get to know me. It seems a bit suspicious to me. But in the last few weeks, I’ve already had two very attractive women in their 20s and 30s contacting me, wanting to chat with me in a flirtatious manner. I am OK looking for my age, but I am no Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Does this sound fishy to you?

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    There are romance scammers on every social media platform. Most won't do anything to stop it, especially dating websites as scamming more people into buying premium services then they have every incentive to keep those scammers around and remove anyone who tries to enforce the terms of service.

    Take e-girls on twitch, who barely expose themselves for cash like cam girls. Twitch does nothing to remove them, going so far as to actively protect them and removes anyone who tries to enforce the terms of service which proclaims "no nudity or content of a sexual nature."...

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    It could be. Dont assume anything. If they are scammers they are easy to see. They work from the same script. They are usually from countries like Ghana or Nigeria. Just have a conversation if you can. If you get a feeling they are not being honest tell them you dont send money or gifts overseas that will usually stop them.

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    Hi, you are clearly being spoken to by bots.

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