I’m Illegal, can I go to see niagaras falls in New York Just in the US side?

Is there any border patrol checkpoint on my way back to Ohio I mean I won’t cross the border but you know as well as it is pretty close to the border when you come from Mexico there are many checkpoints miles over from the border, thanks for you answer guys, don’t be racist.

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  • MS
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    7 months ago
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    I've never seen any border patrols between Niagara Falls (US side) and any other US point. As long as you don't try to cross into Canada, you should be fine. The area around the Canadian border is not as highly patrolled as the Mexican border.

  • 7 months ago

    There is usually not a Border Patrol check point. They are rare. Suggest you avoid near Lake Erie. Smugglers do cross the lake.in both directions.

    The northern Border is much different than the Southern one. It does have some that cross where they should not. It is counted in the thousands not the millions down south.


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