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Need help parallel and sereis circuits physics?

2) Three wires connected in parallel to a battery stretch across 100 m. Each wire has a

diameter of 50 cm and a potential of 110 v across them. The current coming out of the

battery is 11.58 x 106 amps (don't touch them!). Use the resistivity table in your book to

determine what type of material makes up the wire?6 pfs

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    Assuming all three wires are made out of the same material

    you can determine the total (equivalent) resistance of the parallel wires using V=IReq

    and from there you can determine the total resistance of each wire using the parallel resistance equation.

    1/Req = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3

    but since R1=R2=R3=Rwire

    1/Req = 3/Rwire

    Once you have the resistance of one wire

    since you also have the length and diameter

    you should be able to determine resistivity of a single wire

    and match that to some material in the table in your book.

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