Would this considered to be bullying?

My sister is in the first year of middle school. She's shy, quiet, & has no friends. About 5 months ago, a boy started telling everyone that she stares at him and he thinks she likes him (altho the latter is absolutely false). When a group of girls walked up to her months ago to ask her why she stares at him, they wouldn't accept "I don't mean to" for an answer. When his bff, Jack, asked her last month why she looks at Adam, she didn't know what to say. Altho she really does stare because she daydreams, she’s been trying to keep her eyes off him but he still keeps telling others that she stares at him. He even has yelled at her not to look at him when she had her back to him. When she & another boy inadvertently gave each other eye contact, he scowled & said, “Don’t look at me!” A girl she was friendly with said to her once, “Lauren, Adam doesn’t like you ‘cuz you stare at him!” After handing her English teacher a journal entry during afternoon homeroom, that teacher told her & showed her in the gradebook how she had such high grades earlier in the year & that the teacher was used to it. She then told my sister that now it seems like she just doesn't care, that she hasn't been doing her homework, and even threatened to call our mom. "Your grade is going down fast," the teacher told my sister in a serious manner. Adam laughs at her whenever he sees a teacher scold her for not paying attention. He mimicked her after she briefly explained something once.


Jack laughed at her when he saw her picking up her books off the floor. Jack mimicked her after she protested, "It's not funny!" Another girl has said aloud, “We KNOW you like Adam!” & refused to believe my sister when she asserted she doesn’t. My sister came home crying last week. Our dad thinks that they were boyfriend & girlfriend who just broke up. Our mom thinks that this started off as a joke; now she insists that my sister is bothering the boy and even has yelled at her that she should've

Update 2:

been friendlier in the first place. Since my sister thinks that the Guidance Counselor isn't taking this seriously, is she being bullied in school? Because I'm concerned about her and I think this would be bullying. Is it?

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    Ok yea. That is DEFINITELY bullying your sister needs to bring what is happening to her to the attention of an adult. I am close to her age and I kinda know how she probably feels. She should go to someone to get help and shut those people up. I truly hope this helps because NO ONE deserves to be treated in such a way. :(

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