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He's accepting abuse; What can be done?

My brother (22) has been the sole caregiver for our dad since our mom died and is strongly against placing him in a nursing home. The issue is dad has a long list of mental disorders and has become supper irritable. At any given moment he snaps at my brother and often physically assaults him. His hit him over the head with hard object, cut him with broken glass, shoved him down stairs and chokes him all the time. When this happens its brief moment of rage and aggression before he goes back to being one of the kindest most gentle people you'd meet.

Still, when he does snap its really bad. I've personally witnessed a couple of these incidents. Jay's been hospitalized twice this year already, as far as I know.

Ive spoken to him about it but he is strongly against nursing homes and dad never works well with hired carers. he guilt trips my brother a lot too sating stuff like "the last person on earth who cares about him is trying to get rid of him".

I can tell my brother is struggling with the abuse but also gets embarrassed about it. its obviously affecting him negatively but I done know what to do in this kind of situation or if there is anything to do???

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    You can't control your brother's life or what he does.

    If you're concerned your father is a danger to himself and others, you can go see your Dad's primary doctor and let him know. In this case, a doctor can evaluate the situation, do what he's ethically bound to do in these situations.

    Your father may need something simple as a change of medication or else something as serious as being admitted to a nursing home for psychiatric patients. He needs to be evaluated.

    His doctor has dealt with this sort of thing before, so Im sure he can give you advice.

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    i would tell the police what hes doing and let thern deal with hirn in jail

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