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Physically disabled fictional characters (cosplay)?

I'm going to a con this summer, and I want to try to make a good cosplay. The thing is, I use either one or two crutches depending on the day and I want to figure out a character who also uses a mobility aid. They can be from pretty much anything - comics, books, video games, tv shows, and so on. I'm a teenage guy, slightly shorter than average, with brown hair and green eyes if that helps, though I'll probably wear a wig and color contacts depending on the character I pick. I know I could cosplay an able-bodied character too, but I feel like there's very little disability representation and I'd like to try to signal boost what little we've got. Thanks!

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    Professor X is probably the most prominent. He's the leader of the X-men and uses a wheelchair. There's also The Chief, who leads the Doom Patrol and is in wheelchair. Another is the character Grover from the Percy Jackson novels and films. He's a Satyr but when he's in his human form he uses a pair of crutches.

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    There are very few disabled "heroes". But, if you watch South Park's "Coon and Friends" episodes, Jimmy has his super hero persona.

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