Name ideas for a girl character in a book I'm writing?

She's a normal girl with big dreams for herself and wants to achieve the impossible. But she's very strong and a little bossy. I kind of want a "girl next door" name, but also something that could work in a futuristic setting. Here's my list so far:


Talia/ Natalia

Emily* (My favorite of this list)

Caroline (Also do you think CeCe could work as a nickname for Caroline? I like having names with nick-names too. Because in real life a lot people call friends/family by their nicknames too. So I think it makes it more realistic. What do you think about nick-names in books?)

If you guys have any more ideas please leave them below. Also if you could please pick a favorite & rate these names from 1-10. Thanks.


I also kind of like the name Marley too

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    [My muse thanks you. She is bossy.]

    Huh! I do her thinking and she thinks I'm bossy.

    I know several strong Susans, Margaret, Marsha, Kate. Jane, Karen, Ruth. But names don't indicate character traits. Melanie Hamilton in "Gone With the Wind" appears sweet, gentle and shy because her mother raised her so. Mrs. Hamilton probably named her with her melodic, sweet sounding name. Yet she was passionate, resourceful, daring and reliable - strong traits that came out front in trouble. Scarlett was all that strong and passionate too, and her name reflects that, but she too was a product of her parents and her upbringing. Her personality came from her brash, bullheaded, fun loving father to whom she was close. Her pragmatism from her mother, who ran the plantation for him.

    Being picky, CeCe (or C. C.) works best as a nickname for a female with two 'Cs in her name: Cecily. or Charlotte Cornelia. Or CeCe for C.E. Caroline Elenor. Caro or Carlo works for Caroline, but CeCe is fine.

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  • 9 months ago

    Good writers name their characters themselves.

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