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Can you get PTSD from an overdose attempt?

A while back when I had been doing lots of suicde attempts, one of them was an overdose and ever since then I can't take medication of any kind (pill, chewable, liquid, etc), can't put it anywhere near my mouth, can't even touch it, and can barely think about medications without getting extremely anxious, scared, and really sick feeling ect. Its gotten to the point where no matter how im feeling or how much pain im in I will refuse to take anything because of how horrible the overdose was. So could it be PTSD from it as the reason why?

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    yeah that's your brain's way of making sure you don't do it again.

  • 1 year ago

    PTSD isn't the right word (phobia, I think) but you're on the right track as far as cause and effect goes. This is no different from being hyper-afraid of dogs after being bitten once. Ironically anxiety medications are often part of the therapist's tool kit. But so is talk, and learning to think rationally about your reactions, and baby steps. Work on medications you absolutely know don't do that bad thing and go from there.

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