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Anyone else think they should end MCU now?

I kind of want them to end the mcu now and go back to superhero movies being disconnected for awhile. Then maybe after a decade reboot the mcu. I kind of miss when superhero movies didn't connect to a bigger universe like Spiderman trilogy and Dark Knight trilogy. But it looks like they're going to continue on. I don't think they will ever reach the peaks of endgame hype though. Taking a ten year break then rebooting will rebuild the hype. Like what happened with phantom menace and force awakens. That's what I feel.

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    The people who are involved in those decisions, will do according to their own desires. If they think there is money in it, they may still continue to milk it for all its worth, while they have the opportunity. Plenty of people think that superheroes is a fad thing going on in the culture - and it will phase out. Of course, you will always have your interested people, but they may not always be mainstream. Personally, I don't care either way. The only characters I really like are Batman and Spiderman (and that's only if they are done well).

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    You know you can just ignore them right? A lot of people enjoy those types of movies just because you don't like them doesn't mean everyone thinks like you

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      Who said anything about me not liking them?

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