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I am 18 and my mom doesn't allow me to do anything help?

I know I have done things that broke her trust in me, but I am trying to grow up and she is deleting all my social media accounts. Overall I get good grades and I'm a responsible young adult, but she doesn't like me to do certain things on the internet. She doesn't want me to talk to certain people I like and thinks they are a bad influence. I want my social media accounts back but I don't have my phone anymore and most of my friends are not in contact with me. How can I deal with this insane obsessed woman? She always tries to control my life and so does my dad.

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    From her end it might be coming from a place of love, in that she doesn’t want you to make bad decisions but there’s a line between being caring and being controlling. My mum always used to give me privacy and would never go through my phone (some of my friends parents would go through their phones each night), but would still talk to me about being safe and sensible. Now her and I have a very close relationship and I talk to her about anything and trust her. I think her being respectful of my privacy + independence has had a big part in that closeness and trust we have now. Those same parents who would control every aspect of their kids lives now don’t have as much of an open and honest relationship with their kids :/. I can’t think of many options but try talking to her (or writing a letter if it’s easier) about how you are 18, and you need to be independent and not totally controlled and socially isolated from your friends, and how this behaviour is only damaging your relationship.

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    8 months ago

    How Can I Get Along With My Parents?

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    rnaybe you should rnove out then

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    The repercussions of our last a long time, as you are learning.

    Just bear with it.

    Sooner or later you will be ready to step out into life, support yourself, and live on your own. In the meantime, you are protected from all the stress, anxiety and problems of taking care of yourself.

    Your parents may or may not be skilled parents, but they are trying to protect you from wrecking your life.

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    You leave home, support yourself then you can do what you like, but if you are under your mother's roof then it is her rules that count.

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    You're an adult. Move out.

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    She really loves you and cares for you...

    If you are a guy, she doesn't want you ending up in jail.... lots of youngsters end up in jail..

    If you are a girl... she doesn't want you to end up aborting a child or becoming a single mom..

    If you're Catholic, Maybe you could start attending mass, receiving the sacraments, for instance you could go to confession and then receive Holy Communion..

    You're lucky, you have a mother who loves you and wants what is best for you.. Other people ended up in jail or ended up becoming single mothers because they didn't have parents who cared about them... Their parents ignored them or allowed them to do whatever they wished...

    God bless you and your family.

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    You need to make plans to move out.

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