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How can a film crossover from being merely entertainment to being art?

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    By doing something that makes a statement on today's world or by doing something groundbreaking in film. While Avatar's story is so-so, the visuals were groundbreaking back in 2009 and definitely still hold up today. The Marvel franchise, while debatable about being art, is the first (and just about only) truly-successful and truly-shared universe on-screen connected by one big story arc. La La Land was artistic in that it was filmed and choreographed similar to the way musicals would have been done back in the 1950's instead of today's digital tricks.

    Doing something that makes the movie stand out as different is what makes it arguable to be art... but art doesn't ever come without its critics.

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    Effort, skill, beautiful story

    A film isn't just made by one person alone (typically) - but if you have a great team (which can consist of a number of different jobs) all of their efforts come together contributing to the result of the overall product -- and in a sense can all be like vital pieces fitting together to make a puzzle or the whole picture work. If even one aspect is off, like sound - the whole craftsmanship of the film suffers. There is a lot of art out there, but the best artwork is produced by skilled people, and people who care about their creations.

    director, actors, casting director, cinematographer, set builders, prop maker, prop master, camera operators, wardrobe stylists, special effect technician, stunt coordinator

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    Most great art is "merely entertainment"

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