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How would I be treated if I went to an anorexia recovery hospital/center and I was wiling to cooperate, also what are some notable ones?

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    As the video explains, the most effective treatment for anorexia, if you are a teenager, is family-based treatment.

    I'll mention that there's another treatment that's often successful - DBT (video 2).

    As you can see, you don't have to be hospitalized for treatment. There's something that a book on self-harm that I think relates to your problem. The book says that lessons about coping in the real world are best taught in the real world.

    As this article explains, studies show that relaxation methods help with anorexia, although of course you have to be extremely careful about exercise, as this is usually part of the problem.

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    they'll just help you not to be that way

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    high end would be silver hill in Westport ct . it's where the celebrities go .

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