Is Heaven Far Better Than Earth.?

Update: Will You Meat Your Enemy Who You Have Killed In Heaven Sit Down Have A A Bear In a Local Bar.Peter Gore Seer,
Update 2: Will Your Head Follow Your Soul, If It Was Separated From Your Body, Some People Believe You Must Be Whole To Enter Heaven, But A Jew Is Not Whole,The Female Is, She Can Enter Heaven,
Update 3: But Its All About How You Interpret Heaven, Look To The Heavens, Lift Up Your Eyes To The Heavens, Were All Manna From Birds May Drop On You.
Update 4: What Fascinates Me Is We Turn Earth Into Hell,, And After Time Gets To This Hell, Life Appears, It Could Be A Daisy, Blue Bell, The Seed Is Planted, It Adapts Its Just A Matter Of Time Can Heaven Spread The Seed Of Life,Or Does Heaven Collect The Seed Of Time?.
Update 5: Or Does Heaven Plant The Seed In Time.
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