Does this sweet girl sound more like INFJ or INFP or ISFP or ISFJ?

She is quiet shy and has soft voice

She help low iq people like me and patience toward low iq people she is unjudgemental and very kind hearted like other atheist she does NOT believe in God & she believe fate is in her hands & she love baking , dancing , writing, drawing , compassionate, nuturing , sweet & soft hearted easily pity others , quirky, fun loving , laughing lady , lovr to giggle & muddlehead , forgetful does NOT blame others & is hard working, transparent personality & trusting, innocent , klutz n very humble n hard-working down to earth

& love thing inexpensive n rabbit, dolphin , puppy & afraid of dog who bark from her past experience n she did pole dancing with bikini before & love fairy tale and romance drama n she love sweet food but she isn't picky with food

that why I love atheists =))

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  • ?
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    8 months ago
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    You could make her take a test. Sounds INFP, but you're also coloring her that way pretty hard. That personality doesn't have much interest in pole dancing.

  • solo
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    8 months ago

    read your question, out loud, word for word, slowly. And ask yourself? Does this really make sense?

    • KyutieXuan8 months agoReport

      it''s strange she is atheist but she love fairy tales and doesn't not believe in God haha

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