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Can I force my mentally I ll aunt into long term treatment?

A little background: my aunt has bipolar depression as well as addiction issues and violent behavior. She is also my aunt but her mother adopted me so we share a mom. She lives on her own and doesnt have any source of income at the moment as well as is physically disabled.

I ve about come to my witts end. My mother and I have tried countless times to Bakeract her as well as talk to her about her behavior and have friends talk to her. We ve tried many different approaches and at this point were at a loss. She gets very angry easily and though she denies drug use, Ive walked in on her twice when she was so drugged out shes unresponsive and almost unmoving, when she gets out of the hospital she will deny everything and continues to get angry and violent with us when all we want is to help her.

I love her but I cant sacrifice my mental health if theres nothing I can do to help hers. Is there any way to get her into a program for long term care that she cant back out of if she agrees to it? she will say anything to get out of the hospital and she knows exactly what to say to the doctors to seem normal as she does this every time.

I dont want to give up on her, I dont want to accept that this is the new her, but she is taking a toll on my family mentally as well as financially (she believes everything my mom and I have is hers and continues to steal from us and guilt my mom into buying her anything she would like) and I cant live like this any longer. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Stoo
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    8 months ago
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    Sometimes tough love is the only answer. I would remove yourself from this situation, and your mother should do the same. Perhaps when your aunt realizes there's no support to fall back on she'll agree to being committed (or end up in hospital, or jail...) But ultimately she has to agree to seek treatment.

    • Alice8 months agoReport

      This is what Ive suggested countless times but my mom always tries to help her still. I'm hoping today was her push to stop answering her every beck and call. I was hoping it wouldnt come to this but I guess it's time. Thank you!

  • 8 months ago

    She's not your responsibility

  • Tavy
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    8 months ago

    No you cannot. This is her life and she is living it the way she wants.

    You will have to distance yourself if it is upsetting you so much.

    Your Mother has to refuse to help her. The pair of you are making rods for your own backs and living your lives through her

    Back off.

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