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Chronic swim bladder disease in fancy goldfish?

I've had my fancy goldfish for 3 years. She is beautiful, has grown (perhaps not the perfect amount, but enough) and has a relationship with myself and my parents (she allows us to frequently, and easily hand-feed her. My problem is that she has chronic swim bladder disease.

She is in a large aquarium, I do regular water tests, and I don't under or over-feed her. She was given flakes for the first two years (and she was in a tiny bowl!!!!!) and she survived. I got custody of her 6 months ago, and she loves her new aquarium, however she has got swim bladder disease from the looks of it. I feed her pellets, and peas or kale whenever she seems to bloat up, and she was fine at first. Now, it'll be a miracle if she faces the right way up instead of upside down (belly/bum up).

I've tried to put her on a fast, gave her medication, changed the water, put a heater into the aquarium (and yes she's alone), I've tried everything I can think of.

She's a fighter. If she survived 2 years in a tiny bowl with tap water, I am adamant that she will survive this. but what else can I do?? Please help!! :(

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    It's common in fancy goldfish especially as they get larger and their insides have less space. Kind of like a pug with chronic breathing issues.

    There are a couple things you can do- the fish will probably not die from it as its not being caused by an intestinal blockage but rather the organs not having enough space. It'll keep happening no matter what you do. So you can just let it be.

    Or you can get extreme and try to build a flotation device to keep it upright. There's a ton of examples on google if you just search "swim bladder harness"

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    1. Feed less food overall

    2. Feed less pellets

    3. It may be unavoidable, but always made worse when overfed

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