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Why is the word "lady" seemingly prevalent in usage?

In conversation, there is reference to "lady" as in "the lady in the store was very helpful," or "She is a nice lady."

It is rare to encounter something like "The gentleman in the store was very helpful."

There are also the following terms:

Church lady

Old lady

Cleaning lady

Ladies' room

Ladies' (clothes) sizes

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    "Why is the word "lady" seemingly prevalent in usage?"

    Both those words; lady and gentlemen, were derived from the days of chivalry. Feminism killed chivalry with it's insistence that women did not have to measure up to ladylike behavior. As ladies went, so did gentlemen.

    However, it is the behaviour, and not the term that was discarded. Most women like the idea of being -treated- like a lady. But they don't necessarily like the idea of always having to -act- like a lady. The modern day dilemma is that a lot of women think that since feminism has given them this choice, that they can turn it on or off and expect the intended results (lady-like respect by any man reverting to a gentleman on the spot)

    But of course, men have never been given any such choice with their behaviours. So they don't understand this idea of a lady one minute and a tramp the next. Depending on the man, he treats the women he knows by their long term reputations rather than their insistence on how they feel at the moment. A lot of other men disrespect women they don't know for what they see as their flip-flop behaviours and unrealistic expectations on how men should treat them based on their demands of entitlement that feminism has provided them.

    So the quick answer is that most women like the idea of being seen as a lady. Most men are much more pragmatic and don't care for being a gentleman, or even considered one, once the term lost it's respectable role, and became a badge of exploitation.

    Feminism has changed society. And it continues to do so. We need to be careful what we ask for. You can not unfry an egg.


  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    there is a "high road" and a "low road". if you work around women a lot, and the number of women to men ratio is 30-to-1, then it is better to err on the side of caution and to "take the high road". when you consider the longer journey, then it is easier to avoid conflict, and to aide in domestic tranquility, both a t work and at home.

    "to give to one another", even respect, is the best advice i have ever received for long term relations; fighting over trivialities is ignorant..

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    The titles "Gentleman" and "Lady" are used with equal frequency.

    It is a polite form that is held over since the middle ages.

    For example,»Meine Damen und Herren« is heard very often when addressing a crowd or Publikum.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Modern women have a completely different role in society than they used to have. I think the term lady seems to refer more to the old gender roles where women were seen as delicate and proper.

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  • liz
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    8 months ago

    No man under the age of about fifty would want to be called a “gentleman”. Unless it’s some extremely formal occasion. The word “lady” hasn’t yet disappeared but I suspect it will fall out of usage fairly soon. Our language is much less formal than it once was.

    Similarly, older people will use the word “gentlemen“. Younger people would say “men “. People in their twenties and thirties now use “ guys “ when referring to men and women, quite often.

    I don’t see any references to “church ladies”. Nor “ cleaning lady “. It’s church goers, whether men or women and cleaners ( generally women).

    • ʄaçade
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      "Hey, lady, ..."

  • 8 months ago

    Because the word "lady" has been and still is, a sign of respect, and women appreciate that.

    However, the word "gentleman", which also used to be accepted as a sign of respect, has been turned into a put-down by other men, and applying it to a man is used to attack his masculinity.

  • Scooby
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    8 months ago

    Gentlemen seems to long a word to put before everything,though people do say the gents,lady is easy to put before everything and men's is easier than gentlemen,all down to laziness if you ask me.

    • ʄaçade
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      Apparently, even the word "too" is too long for some people now.

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