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why can't Americans think outside of their 2 party boxes?

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  • Zirp
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    8 months ago

    their voting system is stupid.Suppose there were 3 parties and two would have 33 % while the third has 34%.

    In the US the party with 34% would get to govern.

    So people mainly vote AGAINST the party that they hate the most

    Here in the netherlands where governing requires an actual majority (-coalition), we have 15 parties in parlement, and sometimes 30 participating in national elections

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    check out the underlying psychologies of American voters. There are, imho, two main groups of them, each comprising about 1/3 the voters. Elections are about appealing to the other 1/3 the voters.

    Pakistan is similar ... the two main parties each have about 40pc the voters and elections are about wooing the other 20pc

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    The reason we've never seen a successful third party candidate is because they are effectively locked out of the campaign finance system. The DNC and the RNC are private organizations which exist to connect wealthy donors with political candidates, but they only serve Democrats and Republicans respectively.

    Independents and Libertarians have no national committees. They have no network of wealthy donors which means they're forced to rely solely on individual donations. Unfortunately, individual donations will never rival the power of corporate donations, especially not since Citizens United.

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    When Americans start to think for themselves, the whole world is in trouble.

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    Fear of a wasted vote. It's in the math. Non-cooperative game theory for laypersons should be a required field of study for all high school students. Three or four years of it.

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    we only have two parties

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    Because it is baked into the Constitution and neither party has the desire to give up their stranglehold in favor of a truer form of Democracy than this two-party farse.

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    Part of it is because the system is designed to be winner take all. This almost forces a 2 party system with an In Party and an Out Party. That system doesn't allow for variations in thought and the only way an Out Party can become an In Party is to peel off enough of the other party (and encourage those who stay home to vote for them) in order to win. Some have recommended rank choice voting which would give minor parties a fighting chance. It might also help boost voter participation levels in the US which are abysmally low.

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    Yes -- most other countries are one party states or dictatorships, aren't they?

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