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3rd-Party ACH Payments For Consumers?

Does anyone know how I can send ACH Payments, my bank does not allow this, is there another way like maybe a website or app that allows this because the ones I find are for businesses and I just want a website that allows me to make a transfer to a card with routing number and account number, because the one's I find make me do an application and I do not know if I submit an application and they decline me because I am not an official business person! Good banks like Chase and Wells Fargo have that which really sucks, my bank does not allow me to do Wired Transfers, or ACH Payments! Either they do not allow it or I can not find a way to do so!

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    I think you should switch banks. Start using a good bank instead of the bank that is your bank now.

    • I used Chase but I switched because they started charging fees, I know that student and teen accounts have no fees but I am no longer a student, I wanted a bank that charged no fees, I do not have a high paying job so saving money is important, not having a good bank!

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    The two credit unions I use both allow ACH payment and wire transfers, so look for one and open an account.

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    What is the name of your bank?

    99% of the US banks do ACH transfers.

    Try PNC

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