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Do Dwarf Apple Trees cross pollinate with regular apple trees or do they need other dwarf trees?

I have a dwarf granny smith apple tree and wanted to get a dwarf Fuji apple tree but could only find regular Fuji apple trees... so before I buy the Fuji one I figured I'd better double check, do dwarf varieties need other dwarf varieties to cross pollinate or will they do fine with regular ones?

2 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    Apple tree varieties are grafted to generic roots. It's the root that determines the size of the tree, and the top that determines the variety. A dwarf Fuji is the exact same tree on top as a semi-dwarf or full sized Fuji. The determining factor in whether apple trees are compatible for cross pollination is timing. All apples can theoretically pollinate each other, but some varieties are early bloomers and some flower later. To pollinate, they have to be flowering at the same time. Unlike some other topics, in the case of apples, size doesn't matter.

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  • 1 year ago

    Amongst apples there is generally no distinction between crab apples, cider apples, and mainstream apples - they can all potentially cross-pollinate each other. They aren't fussy, in other words. Some of the same variety though often don't pollinate each other.

    You should be fine.

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