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What do you think of The Bar?

Not that The Bar is split up, what are your opinions on them? I’ll be honest, when they became a team I didn’t have high hopes for them. I saw them as two guys that were thrown together because creative has nothing for them. Boy was I wrong. The Bar completely knocked it out of the park. They did a lot for the tag team division. They were a damn good tag team and I’m sad to see them go. What do you think about The Bar?

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    Well you are right but The Bar did make something of themselves. I'm surprised they've been a tag team for so long but ever since they ended The New Day's historic run with the WWE Tag Team Championships, they have been one of the greatest and relevant tag teams in recent memory.

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    there ok to bad the not no more a tag team have u see the cell phone Sheamus Cricket commercial yellow mohawk he look so cool with yellow color

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    A great tag team but it has effected their careers differently for both men..

    It has been a great choice for Sheamus:

    Been there and done it all.

    He has won numerous world titles and more, a hall of fame worthy career easy,

    He is now 41 years old and starting to wind down, tag team wrestling is a good option as it's well known he has had some nagging injuries but also a good way to go out; still relevant and adding more to his legacy with 5 tag title reigns.

    But for Cesaro I feel it has been a curse for him, stuck in the tag team division on the middle of the card when he should of been world champ and main eventing pay per views.

    Also Cesaro is no spring chicken, he is in his late 30's.. it would be very different if he was a few years younger like Woods and Big E whose careers sky rocketed being in a tag team.

    Unfortunately the time for him to be world champ has passed, it doesn't mean he's had a bad career.. he just didn't reach that potential.

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    The Bar's start was pretty rocky. Sheamus and Cesaro's convoluted feud leading to Mick Foley sticking them together did smack of "creative has nothing for you." As a tandem they functioned well though, which isn't all that surprising. Sheamus is a great big man wrestler and Cesaro has been a tag specialist for the majority of his career, whether it be as half of Kings of Wrestling, teaming with Tyson Kidd as one half of The Masters of the WWE Universe, or The Bar.

    They had strong moments as a tandem, but ultimately WWE marginalizes tag wrestling. It's fine if you want to make someone seem tough by having them beat a dominant and destructive tag team with many accolades and a tenured history of greatness. The Bar didn't really have any of that going for them, yet they were constantly fed to singles competitors and lesser tag teams. They were never given a true rub of legitimacy that stuck. Instead of being the monsters they could have been, they came off as arrogant lunkheads who couldn't beat a single man tagging with a child.

    I wont deny that they worked well together, I just wish they were booked more consistently. Both men stand to gain something from a singles run because they're both very talented and very charismatic individuals that fans often get behind.

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    I don't know what WWE is doing Cesaro & Sheamus were probably the best tag-team they had on Smackdown! Live and they did pretty much absolutely nothing with them, sure they won the belt however they also lost to a freagin 10 year old at Wrestlemania.

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  • 10 months ago

    Who cares

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