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Who would win CM Punk or Joe Rogan?


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  • 2 years ago
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    Joe Rogan would destroy CM Punk. Joe Rogan is no joke. I cannot remember his credentials or do I remember what belts he has. I do know he is at LEAST a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is also a Tae Kwon Do champion? I think.

    It's not just that, which I'm sure he probably knows a lot more, it's what I have seen. His kick are really hard, maybe even one of the hardest kickers ever. I saw him kicking the bag, and felt sorry for it. CM Punk is just a good pro wrestler. Even as a pro wrestler, he wasn't one of the best, because he was sloppy.

  • 1 year ago

    CM Punk

  • 2 years ago

    They guy with the podcast would win.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Joe Rogan

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