Where can I go to get quality proxies for Magic the Gathering?

So far, I've been using mtg-press to print out decks for Magic the Gathering to get a feel for them and see if I like them before going out and spending hundreds of dollars on a deck that I might not even be using in a couple of weeks, but I've realized that if I want to eventually build all the decks I want to, that I'm just going to be spending hundreds of dollars to buy copies of individual cards for every deck like Demonic Tutor or other staples of the EDH format. I've been looking for a place where I can order proxies that I can use in my decks for the cards I already own so that the decks are always functional and I can always switch out proxies for the real cards if I need to. The problem I've come across is that there are plenty options to choose from, but I don't know who provides these good quality proxies and if they're even going to send them to me in the first place. Would there be anyone who could give me some suggestions for people who are willing to sell me quality proxies?

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