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Which martial arts is well or best for self-defense?

I want to know which martial arts is good to learn for self defense? But I’m not taking about thing like boxing or mma since those are sports — I know is a fair in it’s components, but I hear that sport fighting is limited with punches or other stuff. I also don’t want a martial with flashy move that spins or flips around — I know I saw some of that in dojo’s. I just want a martial art with variety and good fighting/self-defense skills to prepare me for a dangerous situation in the streets. Thanks!

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    Krav Maga is one of the most effective martial arts out there for self-defense, this is partially due to the fact that it simply doesn't care about the opponent's wellbeing.

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    For the millionth time, what makes ANY martial art effective for self-defense is the qualification of the instructor,how and the dedication of the student. It's not the name or type or title.

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    Your wrong about MMA being a sport. It's full contact. A sport would be what Chuck Norris and stunt actors do. You want to learn how to street fight, join the military, government agency, or police force.

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    That would be the martial art that teaches self defense and that is not dependent on the style but what the teacher chooses to teach. Beware though, you will get anything from teachers who claim to teach self defense but really have no clue all the way right down to pyramid scams of self defense programs. You want self defense, you got to put in the effort and find a teacher who teaches that. If one martial art style had it all don't you think every military and police officer would learn it? And if they did don't you think the bad guys would train it too to stay ahead of the police?

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    Depends on what you want and what teachers offer. If they're more about the art than making money they should have no problem talking to you before you commit to anything.

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      He’s trying to make money...? I missed that.

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      Aikido techniques are part of Krav Maga.

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    The best way to stay safe is to avoid fighting and promote the rule of law (i.e. let the police deal with it).

    That doesn't mean that one shouldn't be prepared, and I would say that learning martial arts is a good thing for many reasons, but for the most part learning martial arts (any martial art) isn't going to protect you in all situations (or even all that many). There are very few "fair fights" out in the real world.

    Ever seen that scene in Indiana Jones with the guy with swirling swords who was obviously skillful with a blade? Indie just pulled out his gun and shot him.

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    Taekwando is good and easy to learn. I can kill a man with my bare feet. These days, I'd have to ask him to wait ten minutes while I take my shoes and socks off.

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    Taika Waititi

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