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is my mom right?

does living in a decent household = happiness? i’m 16 and anytime i express any emotion other than happiness my mom calls me ungrateful because i live in a decent house and have no reason to be anything other than happy. i’m constantly depressed.

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    I understand what your mom means but sometimes people are depressed because of a chemical imbalance that an individual has in the brain. Don’t take it the wrong way you’d be surprised on how many people have that imbalance. In other words, people are just depressed for no reason. At other times, people are depressed because of certain situations they dealt with weather it’s temporary or it can last a long time. Just know you are not alone & you just need to remind yourself about all the positive things about your life and yourself too. What helped me with my depression is by learning about it. You should consider it

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    I had a nice home growing up and I was also depressed a lot in my teens. It's natural, and maybe from her perspective she is right, but your feelings are definitely valid and you have to work through them.

    If she is a good Mom, try to understand that she's not trying to hurt you with her words, but once people get out of our teens we tend to forget how tumultuous the teenage years are and can be dismissive because by then we all see that things were not as bad as we perceive them.

    For now, you be you and you keep talking about your problems. It's healthy and like I said, valid.

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    No, you have a right to feel the way you do. Just because your physical needs are being met it doesn't mean your emotional and mental ones are being met.

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    Your mom might be like this, because of the way she was brought up. I think Onlooker's advice to tell her of your symptoms and try and see a therapist is good. I also think the expectation of constant happiness, is in itself likely to cause depression.

    If your mom continues to be obtuse to your feelings, then withdraw from her. One day you will get even when she feels unhappy. There will be a death in the family. Grin like an idiot when you go to the funeral and tell everyone that mom doesn't allow sad emotions. Tell your mom to buck up, and she should be glad a loved one has gone to heaven. Nag her if she cries, and blame her brain-washing.

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    No she's wrong.

    You may be suffering depression.

    Not everything is good as it seems.

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    See if you can better use your time and build your poor self esteem by working, or volunteering. You could be suffering from depression, but if you’re not contributing anything toward your success (either w your studies, or working, etc.) your mother probably hasn’t connected this as a cause of your behavior to better guide you. She should be helping suggest ways to improve your outlook by taking action w the help of a therapist, or in finding a job, etc.

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    People often try to tell us how we "should" feel. Well gee, Mom, or whoever, I DON'T feel that way. Imagine that! If the other person thinks about it, perhaps they should be asking, "why doesn't he or she feel the way I would expect"? Sometimes other people get fixed on their own agenda and forget to think about why WE might feel some certain way or other. All they see is their own agenda. It's not doing us a favor to tell us how we "should" feel. BTW, do you know why you are depressed? That would be a good start toward solving a problem that you may end up being the Chief Solver of.

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    You're mom means well. What she's saying is to be thankful for what you have, and you probably are. What I think she's missing is that depression is really an illness. When the brain gets sick, some people get headaches, some get dizzy, some get forgetful, and some get depressed. Rather than use the word depressed, try telling her the symptoms. It would be great if you could see a therapist or at least talk with your doctor.

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    Nope, while a decent household is more then many have. It does not mean that what goes on inside is healthy, nor does it make one, happy.

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    No. She is wrong. If you feel depressed see a doctor. If mom won't agree, try a counselor or nurse at your school. If left untreated, depression can get worse.

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