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Releasing the steering wheel and let it straighten itself out?

When I drive, after making a turn I release the steering wheel while holding both hands on it and let it straighten itself out. Is it perfectly fine to drive like this? That's how I like to drive when turning and all my friends say it's perfectly fine and safe but my 80 year old grandma who stills drive says it's not and I should straighten the steering wheel out manually not let it straightenn itself out.

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    Granny's wrong. As long as you keep your hands against the wheel so you can control it's movement, you're fine. I've been doing that as long as I've been driving, and that's a LONG LONG time. Since the late 50's.

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    7 months ago

    You must keep your car steering wheel under your control at all times. just slightly move your hands along with the wheel it will feel like your hand automatically move with the steering wheel. Being a Towing truck Driver at Rite Way Towing & Recovery I have seen very bad accidents of new drivers so be careful.

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    You should keep the steering wheel under your control at all times. Keep your grip, and move your hands along with the wheel as the car's natural understeer straightens the wheel.

    (You might not always be driving such a forgiving car.)

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    You can let the wheel straighten itself out - but it's a good idea to keep your hand on the wheel in case you need to quickly stop it from turning (or turn it more quickly) due to an unforeseen vehicle or other road hazard in your path.

    If it makes your grandma feel better for you to manually turn it - then do it when she is in the car. Respect.

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      On slippery pavement or dirt roads depending on the wheel to straighten itself out is wacky. I drove thousands of miles on forest roads before I retired and learned early to control the wheel all the time. Potholes in a turn do the same thing.

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  • 8 months ago

    It’s perfectly fine - as long as you’re turning the corner around 10mph. If you are going faster you will need to manually turn the wheel (think race car drivers) just make sure your hands are on the wheel if you need to make any quick adjustments.

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