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Advice on getting a mole removed...?

So I am 18 Years old. I am a senior in high school. I have a mole on my neck, and have since I was born. It is raised, and is small but noticeable. I never was insecure of it until about 5th or 6th grade when my friends would make fun of me for it. After that, everything changed. I HATED myself. And to this day... still do. I know its all in my head and yes, I was born this way. But I am so uncomfortable with my self because of it, I feel like I am not living my best life. I put my head down in pictures, I can t hold my head up straight to talk to people, and hate wearing anything besides hoodies because I don t want people to see it. I know its apart of me and its who I am, but I literally hate it and myself and want it gone. I ve been looking into a mole vanisher online from amazon, I watched a girl on youtube use this stuff and her moles came right off, after weeks, but it took them awhile to heal. My dad is against it but doesn t understand how self conscious I am. I just wanna be confident, because I am holding myself back from so much, including relationships, friendships, fun events. I don t believe its cancerous because my pediatrician a few years ago said it wasn't but didn't really look much at it or do any tests. My dad is being an asshole about it saying how expensive it is and he doesn't have the money and its apart of me. but I do not wanna live the rest of my life like this, or I seriously don't know if I can be here anymore. I have extreme anxiety about it.


My dad is being an asshole about going to a dermatologist, even though I called 2 today. The one told me it would be pricey and if it isn't cancerous would be considered cosmetic which is expensive. I was wondering what the price range would be, and just advice in general.

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    You don't have to live your whole life like that. If you do the things that are needed you can get it removed. First, you need to finish school and then become independent. Once you do that you can save the money that is required to remove it. Stop focusing on the problem as you perceive it and start focusing on the solution instead. If you put half the effort into that, you'll be a much better person for it.

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    • David B.
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      Kenzie, you can afford a visit to a dermatologist then. Do that first and they should give you a fairly accurate idea of the cost.

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  • 9 months ago

    Ask your general doctor. He may be able to remove it for much less (and under the pretext that it might be pre-cancerous). Or else, start saving up your money. Nothing wrong with wanting to physically fit in by not having a mole.

    • Kenzie9 months agoReport

      Do you by chance happen to know how much it would be if it was not cancerous? I’m looking online and it doesn’t seem to be too much but my dad is convinced it’ll be around $1,000... that much for a little mole?

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  • 9 months ago

    Well, if you have any skin problem that is NOT "just cosmetic" - such as acne - a dermatologist might, if he wants to, remove the mole at the same time he is treating your acne.

    Aside from that, you know, kids will pick on you for ANYTHING. It's not the mole. If you didn't have the mole, they would have chosen something else. It's a teen thing - ALL teens feel ugly. Some of them think that by putting others down, they will lift themselves up. Some people don't grow out of this, but most do to some extent.

    • Kenzie9 months agoReport

      I don't have acne... but its something I am not happy about, whether people make fun (which they don't anymore) or not. just unhappy with it.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Get a needle and light it with a lighter till it’s burning then pick your mole out

    • Kenzie9 months agoReport

      serious inquires only... thanks

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