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Let's go through this slowly so we are clear. Existence is meaningless but individual's lives within that meaninglessness..?

can be meaningful if a person has the gumption to believe it is?


Isn't that cognitive dissonance?

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    Let's go through this slowly, so we are clear. "Meaning" is of Old English maenen (and related to German meinen), "to intend, to indicate, to signify."

    Precisely, to indicate = to give meaning.

    That the starry firmament or the moral/childlike wonder within are said to give ontological purpose beyond oneself is a premise of Godliness, eternal purpose.

    Cognitive dissonance is a (usually) bifurcate gnosis: "this and not-this" at the same time and in the same relation, aka the law of non-contradiction: ~(p + ~p).

    While the human is able to handle this dissonance, it is psychologically discomfiting for some. The person who believes that God is not speaking, even through the starry heavens' fine-tuning, and who indicates, Sartre-like, that one may choose signification (e.g., based on Kantian universal human values, thus the golden rule of Categorical Imperative), is not experiencing cognitive dissonance unless she has a subconscious premise that God should speak and doesn't.

    Again, to indicate, to gesture, is to give meaning. (This is how Boolean logic is developed, for example.) To claim that God does not gesture is to claim illogically, as to know God is not speaking or indicating requires Omniscience and Omnipresence, of oneself.

    Reading these may help:

    "God Speaks" by Meher Baba;

    "The Path of the Higher Self;"

    "Man, Master of His Destiny;"

    "The Great Divorce;"

    "Autobiography of a Yogi."

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  • 9 months ago

    What is the Purpose of Existence

    What Is the Reason of Our Existence

    Birth and death are the bookends of our lives. Living towards death in time gives one’s life a direction and framework. Death does not teach anything. Life teaches everything.

    If we are what we are, it is life which gives it's meaning, and not death.

    The wise person thinks of nothing so little as death.

    When a wise person or philosopher thinks about death - it only makes him to think of ways to live fully immersed in the life that we have.

    We have so many years for happiness or a good life. There is nothing like "happy ending" for life. The way we live gives worth to life.

    Death is the road to final destination. Life is the travel. The soul is the guide.

    When the mind and death are transcended, man will have a new home: Light - the Light of the Beyond through wisdom. That is philosophy.

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    "Existence is meaningless"

    That's merely your opinion, it is not established fact and you cannot prove it to be true [or false].

    "but individual's lives within that meaninglessness can be meaningful if a person has the gumption to believe it is?... Isn't that cognitive dissonance?"

    Speaking for yourself, yes, but speaking for me, no, because I'm not convinced that existence is meaningless.

    Even if you don't have the "gumption to believe it" yourself, you or your actions can be meaningful to others. Let's say you mindlessly gun down a dozen people at the grocery store. That act, although perhaps senseless, would not be meaningless to all the people it would effect.

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  • 9 months ago


    Wait, no! Non-existence is litterally meaningless so the opposit HAS to be the other words existence IS meaningful (because it has to be)....but people dont have to think of it that way because we have free will. If we didnt have free will we would all have to agree that the truth is truth. The fact that some people think existence is meaningless proves we have free will because if we didnt we would all say it (existence) was (meaningful).

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    We can't help you if you're slow

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      Oh yes we may.

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  • Only if you let yourself believe it’s meaningless will it actually become meaningless relatively speaking. Truthfully whether you choose to acknowledge it or not there is a slice of that big wide and open future which you have the ability to decide.

    If a person chooses to believe it is meaningless then sure they will have no hope of creating anything. But a soul which earnestly believes they can will create the conditions for any creation.

  • 9 months ago

    The last thing you are is clear, hinny. In the context of a life, meaning is subjective. That's the entire message, hopefully put into words that even you can understand.

    • hiniikken9 months agoReport

      "meaning is subjective." basically...and ultimately meaningless. Thank you for your honesty.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Who says anything has meaning? Idiots, egotists. this is the realm of the ego, the realm of suffering. Lose all sense of self, and you can escape.

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  • 9 months ago

    No it can't have meaning.

    Yes it is cognitive dissonance.

    Source(s): You only wanted 3 words that confirmed your beliefs last time, Heinekin. I wasted too many words combined into ideas on you the first time but I won't be jerked around again.
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  • 9 months ago

    Just say the magic words and *poof* .

    • Caesar
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      The magic word is god? You are aware that mean different things even in the same religion or you never poof that?

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