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what could be wrong with my gaming pc? please help 10 points?

every few days, the usb port for my mouse and keyboard will randomely disconnect so i have to unplug the mouse then plug it in again to fix, also often the wifi will just randomely drop for no reason and i have to wait for like 5 minutes for it to find the wifi again

yes i restarted my computer

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    i dont think its your cornputer, i think its the wifi connection

  • Anonymous
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    If you have a gaming desktop, it's always for the best to use an Ethernet cable. Try to use a wired connection whenever possible because this will always have the lowest Ping and maximum speeds.

    Possible causes for the USB problems.

    -Bad Drivers. In this case you will need to uninstall then reinstall the drivers.

    -The USB port is dying. Try a different port

    -A Windows power saving setting is causing the Port to idle which causes the connection to fail. You can fix this in Device manager by turning off power saving features for the USB control hubs.

    -Failing Chipset. The chipset, aka Platform Control Hub is a Processor/chip that routs the SATA Hard Drives and USB ports to the CPU. When Multiple USB ports that fail to work consistently, this is a sign the chipset is failing. Unfortunately, the motherboard would need to be replaced to fix this problem.

    Wifi problems

    -The Wifi card in your PC might have driver issues. The first step it to uninstall then reinstall the drivers.

    -The Wifi card is failing.

    -Most Wifi cards connect through the PCI-E lanes. However, the CPU has a certain/fixed amount of lanes and the chipset also has a fixed amount of PCI-E lanes. It's likely the Wifi card is connected through the chipset lanes, and if the chipset is failing then you will lose your connection.

    -Your router or modem is overloaded and it need to be reset.

    -The router or modem is malfunctioning and it needs to be replaced. If you're renting these parts through your ISP then it might be a good idea to have them replace the parts. If your modem or router is a few years old then it's time for them to be replaced anyway.

    Basically try updating all the drivers you can, reset the modem and router, and if the parts are 5 years old then replace them. Try everything else before concluding the chipset is failing. If the chipset is actually failing, then it's a matter of time before it dies.

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      omg thank you! if i could give you best answer i would!

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    take it to a cornputer place and let thern fix it

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