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I don't know what to do with my 16 year old son, he's out of control. How can I bring the sweet boy he was back?

My son is out of control, he doesn't respect the curfew nor respects my rules. I can tell him, I want you here by 6pm and he'd be "Yes, mom." But I stay up til 12am waiting for him. On school nights, I have told him a million times to not do that, because I worry and second is school night. He doesn't argue or tell me a reason he just stares at me smiling and replies with a simple. "Sorry, mom." He doesn't tell me where he goes and at first I didn't ask him because I wanted to give him some privacy, but now that I look through his stuffs I found syringes and needles in his underwear drawer. They weren't used, they're new. Also found a stash of cash, money that I know I didn't give him. I first tough he was doing drugs, but he has never come home high, or strange not he haves marks on his arms. At least nowhere visible for me. But I am worried. He has always respected me and now is like he doesn't care and doesn't get mad if I call him out.

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    If this is true, you're never going to get your "sweet boy" back by ignoring big red flags and letting him raise himself! You don't say what happened when you found money and syringes, but all of this should have been taken from him and you should have confronted him. This reads like you didn't do anything at all!

    You say he has a curfew, but he doesn't. Without consequences for blowing it off, it's merely mom's preference. Any teen will come and go as he pleases if mom lets him.

    Stop letting him raise himself. You need to get a grip on all of this. Also, take away his phone and tell him he gets it back when you figure out how to install software so his GPS is connected to your phone. If he won't give it to you, don't argue. Quietly go into another room, call or go online to your carrier, and drop his # from your phone plan. He goes a month without a phone and then he gets a cheap flip phone. He has proven to you he's not mature enough to have a smartphone, and I have a feeling you haven't been monitoring his phone activities the way any parent needs to.

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    rnaybe you should get hirn drug tested and turn hirn in if hes doing drugs

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    military school

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    Warn him that you'll report him to the police for trafficking drugs if he doesn't change his life style.

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