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What do I do?

Yesterday when I was going out my mom complained about my outfit that she bought me and said she never wants to lose me and that it's her biggest fear. But then today I forgot my charger at my friends house and I didn't want to walk a hour back there then back again because that's just a long time of walking. So I asked to borrow my moms and she got upset and threw her 2 chargers in my face went out slammed the door came back yelled at me some more then threw the box at my face and said she was about to leave my brother and I. She said that I don't love her and that I hate her and don't care about her and started to cry and scream at me for 2 hours she does this often and I wonder if she's bipolar because her mom has it. But she often calls me a b*tch, worthless, and many other things. And I know this seems silly but I just seem lost and want to die because of it because I know I hurt her and yesterday when she asked for a hug I gave her one and then toady I apparently just gave her one to shut her up and that it wasn't a real hug. She tells me that she cries because of me but I don't do anything to her and I've tried to talk to her countless times buy her something nice write a 5 letter apology but nothing seems to work when I try to comfort her she always tells me to get away from her I just seem lost some people tell me to tell the police but she's only hit me 1-5 times what do I do just to make everything better because I'm just lost.


I've also tried to clean the house before but we don't really ever make a mess so there isn't a lot to clean up

Update 2:

My biological father divorced my mom and lives far away. My stepdad and my mom are divorcing and he only has a really small apartment only one bedroom.

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    I understand you because my mother also acts irrationally some times. But then she’ll claim she loves me and now that I’m older I realize how emotionally abusive and manipulative that is. Like “hey I treat you like **** but don’t leave me even thought it hurts you because I love you.” It sucks. Maybe she does has some sort of mental illness. A lot of people also experience trauma and don’t process it correctly and then repeat the cycle with their kids. My advice is to not take what she says personally. Don’t blame yourself!! Because you can’t control how other people feel. Just respect her cause she’s your mom and maybe try to not be home so much to avoid confrontation until you move out.

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    You didn't state your age or where your father is.. your mother seems to have issues, and it may be bipolar or depression or something else. Are there other relatives that you can turn to? In any event, please realize that it seems your mother has a problem and it isn't something you cause and it isn't something you can fix. Try to keep in mind that probably she cannot help the way she is acting. You need someone to intervene for you. Depends on whether you are still in school, Maybe you can talk to a guidance counselor? Try to find a trusted adult.

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    Cleaning has nothing to do with a "mess". The floors should be swept every day, mopped a couple of times a week, minimum.

    The bathroom needs a deep cleaning once a week, minimum.

    Vacuum rugs if you have them.

    Wash the windows if you can't think of anything else.

    Do a load of laundry and dry it and fold it every day.

    You have absolutely nothing to report to anyone in authority except that your mom yells at you when you do stupid things like forget important stuff and waste her time.

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    call cps

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