Is there a Yahoo section for introductions?

Update: Hi everyone. I am Dr. Doom, a global warming peer review scientist. My credentials include a Piled-Higher & Deeper (Phd) in Global Warming. I've taken everything, from math to a bath.
Update 2: My first big job out of collage was with Big Evil Capitalists, Inc. It was going good until I gots fired. The termination was for telling my 400 pound feminist co-worker that gender fluid is something that comes out of my ballz.
Update 3: You wanna talk about being down losing that job? Hoo boy. I tried turning to faith, but learned from the media that every single person in church is a pedophile. I was about to give up on religion when I learned about my lord and savior, Al Gore.
Update 4: Then, I really wanted to learn firsthand about Global Warming. So I built a time machine and traveled to the past. I took a bunch of thermometers and measured every square inch of the earth for several centuries.
Update 5: I came back and published my findings in thousands of peer reviewed journals. I then went on the global lecture circuit. The tour made me such a celebrity that all the hot weather girls wanted to date me. The collage pic you see in my avatar is just a small sample of all the hotties I dated.
Update 6: My celebrity made me so much money that I retired. I now spend all day on Yahoo preaching--uh, I mean educating! about the whorific consequences of global warming.
Update 7: If I'm not answering questions on Yahoo, then you will find me writing physics textbooks.
Update 8: You can also find my two brothers on Yahoo teaching about the terribly frightening idea of heat coming out of the sun. Say hi if you meet them. Their names are Dr. Gloom and Dr. Tomb.
Update 9: Okay, time to go now. I have to lecture my neighbor about massive pollutants. He just fired up his barbecue grill.