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Is there a pill that you can take for only one day for anxiety?

i have anxiety i take cipralex daily however if i am in a large public place, airport, concert my family sais i am "unbearable" they refuse to go to concerts they wanna go on one trip together they want to ask the doctor for something that you can take for one day so ill be sedated at the airport is there such a thing? background: i used to have anorexia as a teenager and suffered some sexual abuse not by my parents but people i dont know.. i do have good parents..and i am happy to have them but they refuse to go in public with me, is there some sort of medication u can take just for a day or something and it would be have to be pretty calming also nothing that makes you gain weight thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    If they want to ask the doctor, they should do so.

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