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Good alcoholic drinks to have when trying to loose weight?

I am trying to loose weight but my friends still like going out and grabbing drinks. I know cutting back is important but I wanted to know some drinks that were low in sugar and calories that bartenders could easily make anywhere that I could have. I know white wine is good but what are some good mixed drinks or something of that nature? Thanks

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    Rum & Diet Coke has about 95 calories

    Vodka & soda has about 96 calories

    Gin & Tonic = 136 cals, but if you have gin or vodka with diet tonic, it's about 90.

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    Vodka and sparkling water with a lime wedge has no sugar.

    Tonic water is loaded with sugar, so avoid it.

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    Low Calorie beer or non-alcohol beer. Any American beer just like water. HAHA yes I'm Canadian.

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    A solid whisky. Beer has all that extra carbs, mixed drinks are full of sugary syrups. Spirits are just ethanol, water, and things like tannins and vanillns from the wood barrel that give it flavor. Rum is made from sugar so it also has sugar in the other 60%.

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    None is best, but let's be realistic. You're going to drink. Have a light beer or a light wine or a wine spritzer or plain liquor with nothing mixed in it but plain water or fizzy water. No juice, no sugar, no tonic water, no soft drinks.

    If you want to know the calorie content of various kinds of alcohol, it's easy to google for that. All 40% alcohol content liquors have about the same calories. How many calories wine and beer have per ounce depends on their alcohol content. Wine with 14% alcohol is going to have more calories than wine with 10% alcohol.

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      The poster indicated they wanted to drink. If that's what they say, it isn't up to me to tell them to have a good time sober. I answered the question as it was asked. I am quite capable of having a good time without drinking, and on most occasions I'd much rather have a cup of tea.

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    None dummy ... Alcohol = sugar that causes

    Food and sugar craving. It effects your bodies

    Dopamine causing sugar rushes and sugar

    Lows. Driving you to drink and eat more sugar

    Or alcohol. Until you get off the sugar slave

    Industry you will never lose weight.

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    Michelob ultra light got beer . Wine but a dry wine. White wine is usually sweeter than red.

    You could just set a limit. You don’t have to drink as much as your friends . Here is a list st from google.

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    None. If you must drink, your best bet is light beer, or vodka mixed with orange or cranberry juice.

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    8 months ago

    There are not any.

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