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I am a north korean defector. Did you know that life was a lot better in north korea under Kim Jong-il than kim jong un?

Kim Jong-il pretty much would only execute people if they tried to excape north korea. Kim jong un executes people for trivial reasons.

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  • ricky
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    7 months ago
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    So you say pig $hit smells better than cow $hit? But you do agree, both smell like $hit, right?

  • james
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    7 months ago

    Yes That is for most true. N Korea is very mineral rich. Before Trade boycotts it had more money coming in. It did not suffer as many food shortages back then. It had a better educated people than today. At the end of the Korean war its factories were in better shape than those in the south. It proved to be a world leader in some things. It showed Venesuala the way & S Africa is following its path of leadership. Both Kims were great leaders.

  • Sky
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    7 months ago

    Yeah, bullshit. No NK defector is going to be speaking/writing perfect English, or deciding the first thing to do is to get on Y!A and tell the world about a communist paradise from behind bluefaced chickenshit anonymity.

  • 7 months ago

    That is interesting. That is something I could only guess at.

    I know there are some stories about Kim Jong Un, that he once executed one of his military officers with an anti-aircraft gun. I figured that Kim Jong Un was simply younger and stupider than his father, more likely to do childish things and take his power for granted. More like King Joffrey than his father, who was also a criminal oppressor of people.

    I just want to see an end to this whole dynasty of dictators. It's an entire country being held hostage by thugs and criminals. Glad you were able to get out.

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  • 7 months ago

    I'm still baffled as to why communist paradises need to guard their borders to keep people * in *.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Sounds like a nice place to raise a family in and live a dream

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